You know that awkward moment when you realize that your blog feed reads like a loop of, “me-me-me-me”? I’m new to the bogging scene, and I started my blog in hopes of introducing people to my self-published, children’s picture book. Like any expectant mother, I can’t stop talking about my “baby”. My book hasn’t even been released, but, like most expectant moms, I can’t resist the opportunity to share my ultra sound pictures, and hope you can make out the features.
I may be the new kid in blogger-town, but, I’ve been here long enough to realize that I need to branch out and write about something besides my book or myself. So, to expand upon my previous post about “Cyber-Samaritans”, I’ll post links or information about some of the cool people I’ve met on my self-publishing journey.

I met author/illustrator, Mark C. Collins, via an authors’ group on LinkedIn. He was working to self-publish his own books, but he still found time to offer a tip, or a hand-up to many of the group’s members. He has been an inspiration and a blessing to me. You can learn more about Mark at