The Girl with the Picture Book Tattoo

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Spoiler Alert…I don’t have a picture book tattoo. But, as I was driving my son to school today, the idea of a picture book tattoo popped into my head. A lot of weird thoughts pop in and out of there, so I didn’t give it much thought. But, imagine my surprise, when I later opened The Story Connection Daily and saw this article: 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Books from Childhood. While I scrolled through the photos, I was reminded of the truly remarkable pieces of art picture books house.

But, I was most struck by the poignant simplicity of many of the choices.

I wondered why a person would choose to permanently mark herself with Lemony Snicket’s line, “The world is quiet here.” The answer, in her words, “the world is quiet here,” reflecting its dedication to keeping the world quiet, in other words, peaceful, knowledgeable and safe.”

Other choices needed no explanation: Shel Silverstein’s sketch of the old man from The Giving Tree, Dr. Seuss’ teetering stack of turtles, or Margret Wise Brown’s scampering Runaway Rabbit. One image said it all.

As I reflected on the imagery, conveyed by both text and illustration, I was reminded of the indelible imprint picture books etch on each one of us.

I may not have a picture book tattooed on my skin, but I proudly wear their marks on my heart.