Top 5 Things Indie-Authors Should Avoid (or How to Avoid the Trappings of Indie Fame and Fortune)


No one can deny that self-publishing is a glamorous vocation. If you are an indie, you know what I mean. But, I urge you not to get caught up with the trappings of the indie-author lifestyle; try to remain humble. The following is a list of general suggestions. I am an indie children’s book author, but the guidelines can be tailored to suit your own needs.

  1. Do NOT do this when your Amazon sales reach double digits.

 boy fist

  1. Resist the urge to wear your fur coat when opening rejection letters.


  1. It’s probably best not to eat caviar while cutting out your home-made bookmarks.


  1. Your hair and make-up team is not necessary when posting selfies of you and your book.


  1. Don’t forget the little people; kids are the best fans!

kid fan

I try my best to stay humble, despite my oh-so-glamorous life as an indie kids’ book author.

But it is hard…

when I work in a place like this-


with assistants like these-


So, my indie friends, enjoy the fame that comes with what we do.  You are rock-stars!  Embrace it!  Write on!