Writing and Illustrating

erikaphoto-45Erika Wassall, the Jersey Farm Scribe here…Celebrating the Little Things.

Being an author or illustrator is a long road. There aren’t too many professions that take this much work up front with no promise of any sort of reward.

Well, hang on now, doctors and lawyers go to school for eight to ten years sometimes!!

True. They also have a long arduous road ahead of them. But (a high percentage of the time) as long as they take the steps laid before them, through internships and placement programs, they can be reasonably confident that they can use their trade as a means of income.

Us? Not so much. We’re largely on our own (minus the wonderful friendships we may be lucky enough to make along the way). And there are DEFINITELY no guarantees.

At the same time, as opposed to the pride and support that many people get (and deserve!)…

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