The World Read Aloud Day “Speak Your Story” Blogging Challenge, created by Matthew Winner begins February 9 and runs through March 8. If you choose to take the challenge, each week you will be asked to write a post in response to a prompt or question, for a total of 4 posts counting down to World Read Aloud Day.

Each of the prompts addresses the WRAD theme “Speak Your Story.” Speak Your Story encapsulates that simple yet effective way that we connect with others by sharing our stories aloud. Your voice is powerful and when a story is shared a bond is made.

If you choose to take up the WRAD Speak Your Story blogging challenge, make sure to tweet your weekly posts to @litworldsays and use the hashtag #WRAD15 so that we can retweet your wonderful read aloud stories! Happy blogging!

Week 1: February 9 – 15


What is your favorite book to read aloud or to hear read aloud and why?

Your first mission is to answer this question. We are using this prompt to bring awareness to the act of reading aloud. Consider it an opportunity to connect with others through the shared experience of hearing stories read aloud.After answering the prompt, share a short description of how you plan to celebrate WRAD on March 4. With whom will you celebrate? Where will you be? If you have celebrated WRAD in the past, what activities brought you and those with whom you celebrated the most joy? If you haven’t finalized plans, of if this will be your first WRAD celebration, use this space to share your brainstorming process, and direct your readers to litworld.org/worldreadaloudday for activities and recommendations.

My answers:
My favorite book to read aloud to my son is Love you Forever, by Robert Munsch It is a tough one for me to get through without crying, but the message is beautiful and powerful.
My favorite short story to read aloud to older children is Flowers for Algernon It is another story that is difficult for me to finish without a Kleenex handy.  I used to read it to my sixth grade students, and it sparked a lot of deep conversations.
Reading aloud is a gift we often deny older children.  I blogged about the importance of continuing to read to older children in two earlier posts: Don’t Stop B-Readin’ and Top 10 Reasons Picture Books Rock.
I plan to celebrate WRAD by reading to children at my son’s school.  I will be visiting as a children’s author, instead of my usual role as homeroom mom and/or volunteer.  The plans are not finalized, but I may be reading to a group of children via Skype as well.  I have never celebrated WRAD.  I am excited to take part in the blogging challenge and, hopefully, encourage others to participate.
If you are participating, feel free to share a link to your blog in my comments section.  I’d love to see your answers, and I am sure other bloggers would too!
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