Print the t-shirts…My friends all went away on fabulous spring break holidays and all I got was this lousy pet rock.


It’s spring break in our neck of the woods. Springtime, in Iowa, means nearly 80 degrees one day, and 40 the next. Typically, it’s the latter-so most sane people head for sunny destinations (and post their exploits on Facebook every chance they get). Not that I am at all bitter about that…at all.


Being the spouse and spawn of an accountant, spring break getaways are not in the cards for us. So, mom and son are left to make the most out of spring break…homebound-style. Correction, mom is left to plan a week’s worth of homespun fun.


Aahh, the joys of motherhood are many. But, the guilt gremlins are ever-lurking, waiting to suck the life out of you!


I was feeling pretty Facebook worthy on the 80 degree day-picnic in the park with my own mom and my son-winning!


Day two, attempted a bike ride. Ears nearly frozen solid after 3 minutes (that was a way below 40 degree day)-not winning.


Day three, eye doctor and dentist appointments back-to-back. Hey, I figured he wouldn’t miss any school time this way-mom-fail!


Here comes the guilt…Every day this week, I have allowed my son to gorge himself on Sponge Bob while I slept in. And there may have been some iPad abuse as well.


Perhaps that’s where the pet rocks came into play. So, Martha Stewart would be sickened at the sight of this motley crew, but I think they are pretty cute. And we actually had a fun time together. Maybe it’s not Facebook worthy, but that didn’t stop me! Sure, you are frolicking on a beach in Mexico, but not with these bad boys!


Guilty or not, I strive to be a good mom. Some days I succeed, and others…I sleep in. I just hope my son thinks of me and occasionally says, “My mom rocks!”

boy fist