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Hi Friends!

I’m writing this on a beautiful spring day with all the windows open. It is like writing outside on the deck. ( Where in reality the light is too bright to use this computer.) 🙂 Today I want to introduce début kidlit author Michelle Eastman who came to my attention about three months ago with her valuable program of giving books to incarcerated parents and recording them reading which then they could give their kids. I was so impressed I immediately donated four of my books for this project. Two Edmund Pickle Chin copies and two Annie’s Special Day copies.

Michelle Eastman is the author of “The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy Tale.” And I even won a copy of this book along with a bunny! *YaY!* I was so taken by her book I wanted to feature her on my blog.

Clarbojahn: Q: Michelle, what’s the…

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