Wonderful interview-


Jane Yole and Kirsti

Jane Yolen books make my heart sing.  So when I heard about her Picture Book Boot Camp, I applied.  After four days in Jane’s home, learning from her wit and wisdom, I am forever changed.  It’s a privilege to interview her for Writer’s Rumpus.

Kirsti Call: Your picture book boot camp was transformational and easily the most inspiring and motivating writing workshop I’ve ever been to.  What are your future workshop plans?

Jane Yolen: A third picture book boot camp–if we can find a fall date that suits. Same kind–writers with at least one picture book published or under contract with a traditional publisher.

KC: You write picture books, MG, YA, graphic novels, adult novels, poetry books and everything in between.  How do you decide what to work on and when?

JY: The story decides, not me. I find if I try to push something in a direction it doesn’t…

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