Check out my friend Lauri’s forthcoming book. She is an awesome kid lit supporter, and I look forward to reading her new book!

An Awfully Big Adventure

You know what’s great about having a blog? It’s the perfect place to celebrate my friend Lauri Fortino’s debut picture book, The Peddler’s Bed, brightly illustrated by the talented Bong Redila.


I was delighted to receive my copy ahead of the September release, and I keep dipping back for repeat readings. The Peddler’s Bed is cozy and quiet (squeaks, notwithstanding) but also potent in the way that it depicts the currency of kindness. Freely given, received, and reciprocated without expectation or strings, this is a beautiful example of how to convey a positive message in that showing-not-telling way picture books do so well.

Great job, Lauri!

Read more about Lauri Fortino at her blog where she interviews authors and reviews picture books available at the DeWitt Community Library in DeWitt, New York.

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