By Carrie Charley Brown

No…there is not a cat-fight going on down here in Texas. Ever since John Cusick’s keynote speech at NJ SCBWI Conference, I’ve had a bone to pick with the doubter in my head. Her name is Bertha, thanks to John: “Name that voice in your head that puts you down. Give your anxiety a name.” And Bertha was born.

She has been there for as long as I can remember and sometimes she is down-right ugly. It’s really hard to tune her out and I know I’m not the only writer…the only person that goes through this. Are you aware when your hater starts to hate? Giving Bertha a name was just a great first step. Like saying, “I see you and I’m calling you out!” But, there is more that you can do to curb that voice.

I’ll attribute #1 to John, again.

1) “Keep…

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