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Critique don't criticize by Lucy Spense in Flickr

Hi Readers!

Some of you have asked what I meant by the Oreo method of critique last post. It goes by several names and here is the method I use when I give critiques. And it is the method I like used on me when I receive critiques.

I’ve heard the Oreo method given different names. This has also been called the Hamburger technique. As you read you will see why.

We all need encouragement in our writing. Critique can help or hinder us. Feedback need not be toxic and can do a lot towards getting our writing to shine. Some of us are afraid of getting and giving critiques.  However if you do the Oreo Method of giving them, you are bound to be a valuable player in your critique group.  Here is the method.

One- Give a general statement of praise. Find something you really liked about the…

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