A picture book review…times two!

Poetry by Pamela

You know how much I love children’s books! Picture books with a rhyme and a cadence are my personal favorites. And since I read to five different preschool classes every week, I’m always looking for great new books.

I just received two such books and can hardly wait to read them to the kiddos. Blossom the Book Butterfly heartily endorses both books!


The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a fairy tale was the first book I received this week. The pictures are charming and delightful. But the story is what truly makes this book great. Did you ever wonder where the Dust Bunnies come from? Well, read this wonderful story and you will soon see. The cadence of this book makes it quite easy to read aloud. And the illustrations make it a complete picture book. I highly recommend this one for all your young ones. Five out of five stars

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