A must-read for kid lit authors! It’s hilarious, and TRUE!


An Open Letter to Celebrity Children’s Book Writers

By Paul Czajak

My wife did something shocking that rocked the foundation of our marriage. A betrayal so heinous I asked myself, “Et tu Tracey?” What was this Judas-kiss you ask?

She bought a picture book written by a celebrity.

Before the betrayal: Author and wife at an early signing

I know in the grand scheme of things, or in any scheme of things for that matter, this is small potatoes. But you have to understand, I am a children’s picture book author and the celebrity picture book is the bane of my existence. To give you a sports analogy, it would be like a husband being a Red Sox season ticket holder sitting next to his wife in the stands and she is wearing a Yankees jersey.

Wars have started for less.

You see, as a children’s picture book author I…

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