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Most of us have goals, intended to keep us moving progressively forward in a positive way, and frequently aimed at improving our life and happiness.  To-Do lists of progressive, sequentially timed steps.  Frequently aimed at acquiring bigger and better “things.”   But examining our lives today at this moment and looking back, how many completed goals and fulfilled ambitions produced a lasting and enduring sense of joy and happiness?   Or was that fleeting feeling gone upon setting the next “Happiness Target?”

Quote- Happiness Starts With You

Constant striving and yearning for “more and better”, along with unfulfilled desires create their own anxieties, stresses, competitiveness, anger and discord.  This is not a prescription for laziness, but rather a realization that happiness is an inside job.   It is not to be found in the world outside, achieved with the acquisition of more and more and more bigger and better things, recognition, awards or accolades, or arrived…

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