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        Today, we are fortunate enough to have an agent’s perspective on rhyme. Raise your hand if you’ve heard, “We don’t accept rhyming manuscripts.” or “We don’t publish rhyme.”

We all know that’s not true. Brilliant, singing rhyme is published every day and the children who listen to it love it. So why do they say not to write in rhyme?

Answer: shhhhhh….listen carefully…

“It’s a trick so that unprofessional writers won’t send stinky rhyming manuscripts.”

 Only the good stuff gets through, is published and blesses the laps of parents everywhere. Today’s guest blogger is here to share why this winning title is one such book.


 I’m pleased to introduce

Agent Tricia Lawrence with

Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Tricia Lawrence

Agent Tricia Lawrence

Rhyme From Acquisition to Award

It’s the quintessential children’s book ideal. A sweet, rhyming story, sold in bookstores everywhere…

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