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The Picture Book Review

aggie_cover_front_v2_hiAbsolutely Aggie is a fantastic book that will make you simultaneously feel as if you’ve been given a hug and told to stand up straight.  It’s a book about accepting who you are and finding the courage and hope to being even better than ever.  This book will put a mirror up to you, analyze your flaws, fears, and self-doubts and then tell you to get over it because you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

Aggie doesn’t fit in with the other female fairies.  She’s loud, she’s clumsy, she plays the bagpipes, she’s outgoing, her appearance is a bit ragtag, and she can’t quite figure out how to be so “perfect” all the time.  The other fairies try to help her and give her lots of advice, but as much as she tries, it isn’t for her.  She’s most content and truly herself when she’s playing her…

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