Jena Benton

I’m delighted to bring you another interview with one of the funniest picture book authors I know: Josh Funk.  You may remember him from my last interview with him or you may have heard about him from somewhere else like his website.  He has had 3 picture books published now (“Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast”, “Pirasaurs!”, and “Dear Dragon”) and it’s his third book release we are talking about today.

Me: “Dear Dragon” has gotten a lot of buzz lately as a story that addresses how to make friends despite our assumptions or prejudices. Was this something you had in mind while writing it? Did you anticipate that reaction?

Josh: Absolutely not. When I set out to write DEAR DRAGON, I mostly just thought it would be funny to see the characters misinterpret each other’s writing. I was more interested in the humor of it. Plus, I always…

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