The Picture Book Review

[Prize pack and review copy provided by Disney Hyperion]:

Feminist Baby with her cute pink, and sometimes blue, bow and large, adorable eyes is not to be trifled with.  She is her own baby and fully intends to express herself in all her baby-ness and beyond.

Told in a sassy and lighthearted tone, Feminist Baby offers giggles and laughs and ends on an uplifting and determined note that this baby will be whatever she wants to be.

© 2017 by Loryn Brantz. Image Used with Permission.

Feminist Baby is not a gentle, sweet book about how she can be a good helper.  Instead it chronicles a baby as she pukes on you, refuses pants, makes noise, throws her toys, and really doesn’t care what you think of her clothes. She has her own agency, her own personhood, and fully inhabits her own dualities — because not only does she dance…

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